Dr. Paul Boss, DC, MS

Dr. Paul Boss is a native of the east coast of Florida. He was born and raised in Merritt Island, Florida where he spent most of his time playing baseball or at the beach. His passion for baseball ultimately led him into the Chiropractic Profession after suffering a back injury shortly before his senior season. Dr. Boss had attempted to get back onto the field with care through the traditional American healthcare system, but after a few weeks had not made any progress. He then saw a Chiropractor and was back up on the field in three days. This experience showed Dr. Boss what it was like to have such an important piece of your life taken away from you because of health, and since then he has gained a passion for helping others reclaim those important things they want to do again. Dr. Boss graduated from UCF with a bachelor’s in pre-clinical health science in 2019 and graduated from Life University with his Doctor of Chiropractic and Master’s in Sports Health Science in 2023.

During his time at Life University, Dr. Boss was a founder and eventual President of the Sports Chiropractic Club. He also adjusted the NAIA athletes at Life University and was selected to adjust the Division 1 athletes at Kennesaw State University on a weekly basis. Dr. Boss chose to study athletes in chiropractic school because they are a prime example of optimally functioning people, and he intends to use the roadmap that got them where they are to help everyone that walks into his office function at their best. Currently Dr. Boss is studying to become certified in the Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) through SORSI.

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